Lila Avilés' TÓTEM has been announced in the 18-strong Competition line-up for the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival.

First image revealed from the set of director Jessica Hausner’s new feature CLUB ZERO, starring Mia Wasikowska alongside Danish Sidse Babett Knudsen. 

PALOMA-producer Per Damgaard Hansen is co-producing the film.

Ruben Östlund's 'Triangle of Sadness' has won the Palme d'Or at the the 75th Cannes Film Festival, handing the Swedish director one of cinema's most prestigious prizes for the second time.

'Triangle of Sadness' is produced by Sweden's Plattform Produktion and co-produced by

PALOMA-producer Per Damgaard Hansen.

Eva Marie Rødbro's new tv-series 'Ponylove' now available at DRTV.


Ruben Östlunds's 'Triangle of Sadnessis an energetic and wacky examination of class, gender norms and culture, woven into a dynamite script.

- Clayton Davis, Variety

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"The Blue Orchid is more enigma than resolution. It's also in the brevity that Marott's other obvious influence pops up. There's something very Lynchian about the narrative, in that David Lynch isn't really that big on story [...] Marott isn't getting too metaphysical in his superstylized noir, and motivations are fleeting, but the platform for his melding is of sight and sound is undoubtedly captivating."

- Richard Whittaker, The Austin Chronicles

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I Love You I Miss You I Hope I See You Before I Die” [is] an arrestingly jagged dispatch from the frayed margins of American society.

- Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter

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