Short film, 29 min


Director Carina Randløv

Producer Per Damgaard Hansen

Scriptwriters Line Knutzon & Carina Randløv

Director of Photography Kim Wendt

Editor Sofie Steenberger

Sound Designer Anne Gry Friis Kristensen

Composer Kasper Kaae

Production Designers Carina Randløv & Julie Hennecke Hartmann

Cast Anne Dalsgaard, Claus Flygare, Stina Mølgaard, Torben Vadstrup,
Joachim Fjelstrup, Mo Chara

Produced by Masterplan Pictures

Supported by New Danish Screen

Keld calls the police.


“It’s my wife, Margit. She hasn’t come home from work. She works as an accountant at my brother-in-law’s funeral home. She’s been there 13 years.”


Keld sits in his armchair, utterly dumbfounded – his socks beginning to sag around his ankles. The family has decided to move in as a show of support.


Keld and Margit’s only son is on a juicing diet and is annoyed that Keld isn’t pulling up his socks.

His cousin has just returned from her recent circus stint in Germany. Margit’s sister keeps the coffee brewing while her husband, the undertaker, spends most of his time out on the balcony, where smoking is allowed.


They have all come together because Margit has gone missing, but life’s everyday goings-on have a way of taking over, briefly brushing aside the big drama.


Selected Festivals and Awards


Nordisk Panorama - Official Selection - Best Nordic Short Film

Odense International Film Festival


Copenhagen Short Film Festival - Official Selection



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