EDEN (2020)

Experimental Short Film

Director Emma Rosenzweig

Producer Julie Friis Walenciak

Director of Photography Stroud Rohde Pearce

Editor Nikoline Løgstrup

Cast Victoria Carmen Sonne, Joséphine de la Baume

Produced by Paloma Productions

Shadow Wife has discovered that her husband has been visiting a sexworker. For many nights she has been walking the streets trying to get into brothels and sexclubs, but everybody has thrown her out. She found the brothel online that she knows her husband has been visiting and she has tried several times to get into it and to talk to the girls who works there. She has an idea that she needs to meet a girl that her husband could potentially have payed to sleep with, while married to her.

She has been send away every time but she keeps coming back.It has become an obsession to her. One evening she enters the brothel again and a woman working her nights shift allows her in. The woman tells her that she needs to pay for her time with the sexworker just as everybody else, and the shadow wife replies that she just wants to talk to somebody, she wants to ask questions, and for them she will of course pay.

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